SINCE 1907 . . .

St. Aidan's began around 1880 with Pastor H. Dixon, who started preaching in a tent on Queen Street to serve the residents in the area. As the city of Toronto grew, in the 1890s the church was still housed in a tent, though one that could hold up to 500 people! The building had a wooden roof and oil lamps, with canvas sides. 

In 1907, construction began on a permanent building. By 1909 St. Aidan's had officially moved to 2423 Queen St. East at the corner of Queen and Silver Birch Ave.



St. Aidan's is an Anglican Church in the Beach in Toronto. We welcome all people! Thank you for visiting our website. Check out our social media pages to stay up to date with what we are doing!

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2423 Queen St. East

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