Whether you want to learn more about the Bible, discuss contemporary issues in faith, or dig deeper into what you believe, St Aidan's offers regular study opportunities throughout the year. In small groups that meet in homes, or in larger groups at the church, we welcome curiosity and debate as we learn together.

Studying the Apostles Creed

In the Anglican liturgy, the Apostles’ Creed is often recited after the homily as a way to remind ourselves of the faith we confess at our baptism. Some Anglicans recite this creed without paying enough attention to its contents. Others avoid reciting it altogether because too much of it seems intellectually problematic. Is the Apostles’ Creed passé, or does it hold an important place in defining what we believe? What did it mean when it was first formulated, and what might it mean for us today?


To address these and other related questions, Jeff and Lucy will be leading a 4-part series examining the specifics of the Creed, beginning Thursday, May 14 - on Zoom. If you are interested in being part of this, please contact Margaret in the church office (416-691-2222,, and we will send you further details.


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